What is The Problem with Religion?

It’s a complicated question because there are a lot of religions and they are all different. Some people talk about religion as if it’s synonymous Catholicism. Catholics don’t even represent all Christians let alone all religions. The other group that gets brought up a…

If You Feel Uncomfortable Saying What You Really Mean Perhaps You Should Stay Silent.

There has been a lot of controversy over the years about how certain ethnic groups should be labeled. Africans, Ethiopians, Negros, Coloreds, Blacks, African Americans. Different terms used to describe the same group of people. There are of course other labels that are universally considered insulting and unacceptable. No one…

Will a Robot Take Your Job?

Examining how robots can be used to replace human workers. There are a lot of reasons why humans could be replaced by robots but it doesn’t seem to be happening in real life. People are constantly being replaced by machines but more jobs for…

The night air was cooler than I expected but a cab pulled up quickly. Victoria and I didn’t have a clear sense of where we wanted to go so she asked the Driver.

“Have many people from our ship been in your cab tonight?”

“Yes, “ he replied.”but I have…

Naima Omar

Single Mom with a boring job.

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